Stockholm pedestrian street scene of horror

Who would have thought that the first job I do as a married man would be a truck attack in Stockholm.

As fast as I got the news, I grabbed my gear and just ran! I was at the scene of the attack about 40 min after it happened (TRAFFIC) which was already too late.

When I arrived most of the streets around were blocked already. I took few fast pictures and then moved to a different angle. In this angle I could clearly see the truck. When done with this angle I moved again to see if I could find a better view of the street. Finally after walking around the blocked streets I could reach the highest point of Drottninggatan. It was two hours after the attack. After shooting few images I checked the screen to see what I was looking at, at once I understood that what I was looking at was the horror of the attack. In the images my eyes saw one of the four casualties on the ground. As a photographer I got to see few casualties of different attacks several times already. This time it was different, all of a sudden it happened in Stockholm, the place I refer as home the last seven years, on the same street that I together with my wife walked on 24 hours earlier, the same street that all our wedding guests walked on as happy tourists one week before the attack. 

As a press photographer you need to disconnect your feelings from what you see the same moment and forward. Many people might call us robots but what they don't understand is that if we don't do that then we would never be able to do our job. What we can do as photographers is to respect the situation and respect all the people we want to take photos of. 

All and all I did the best I could with the situation. I got many publications worldwide. I am not happy about it, but again, this is my job. I hate it and love it at the same time. 

This is how the attack looked through my lens..