World Rally Championship vs Global Warming

Yesterday started Rally Sweden part of the World Rally Championship. The idea with Rally Sweden is to let the drivers the chance to drive on snow and to offer many winter stages.

When i photographed the rally for the first time in 2011 it was FREEZING!! I remember waking up to -30 degrees. The atmosphere was amazing and the drivers couldn't wait to drive.

Unfortunately, since 2011 it got warmer and warmer. Yesterday night when it was time to start the race in Karlstad, the organizers had no snow at the arena what forced them to cancel the first stage. Today when i woke up it was 0 degrees. On the way to the first stage i couldn't see any snow at all. When i came to the second stage at Torsby airport i just couldn't believe it. One of my favorite stages was so different from last year and wasn't that interesting for photos anymore. The stage was completely naked from snow. It felt almost like spring time (Swedish spring time).

Later when i crossed the Norwegian border to the other side the condition started to look a bit better and it even started to snow again. 

I hope it will snow all night so the drivers will be happy, if not, we might not see World Rally Championship in Sweden next year..